Recipe: Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

This next recipe from Chef Gary Guiney will give you all the Pepperoni Pizza feels ūüćē !
“What I love about this one is how we use the amazing oils released from the pepperoni to really enhance the breadcrumbs, making this one not only a quick and simple meal, but one you can customise however you want (bacon, chicken or jalapenos, anyone?!)
Let’s get into it:
Ingredients (serves 3-4): 
100g TS Foods Fresh Breadcrumbs
500g fresh egg penne pasta 
1 tsp of Italian herbs 
200g cheddar cheese, grated 
60g pepperoni 
400g tin of chopped Italian tomatoes  (plus 1 can of water) 
270ml double cream 
1. Cook your pasta per pack instructions.
2. Take a deep pan and add a good drizzle Of olive oil once it comes to heat (normally you only add a little drizzle, but we are adding extra to save to cook the breadcrumbs in after). Now add your pepperoni and cook for 2-3 mins on a medium heat, drain the oil from the pan and pour into an oven proof dish. 
3. Add the TS Foods breadcrumbs to the oil you saved from the pepperoni and toast in the oven for 15 mins @ 175C/165C Fan/Gas Mark 3 till golden brown. 
4. Now for the really easy part: In the pan with the pepperoni in, add your pasta and tinned
tomatoes, tin of water then mix well and cook for 5 mins on a medium heat, to make sure the pasta is heated through. Add in your cream, Italian herbs and grated cheese and stir, cooking for another 2-3 mins
Serve straight away, topped with your pepperoni infused toasted breadcrumbs
See you Next Time!
Chef Gary”
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